Fun. Provocative. Adventurous.

Jewellery to Tempt Your Innermost Desires

Misfortunes of Virtue is a British luxury brand creating exceptional quality handcrafted erotica-inspired jewellery in a collection of seductively quintessential styles.  
erotic silver jewellery
seductive erotic jewellery
Misfortunes of Virtue incorporate a subtly seductive mix of antique original erotic engravings into each design, distinctively merging 17th and 18th century art with fine jewellery. 
Our philosophy is simple. We believe that our seductive jewellery is all about having fun and making men and women feel adventurous, confident and even a bit erotic.  

What Do We Offer?

We offer a beautiful collection of erotic engraved, silver handcrafted jewellery, inspired by the infamous 18th century writer Marquis de Sade and other original engravings from that era. Skilled silversmiths in England meticulously handcraft all our jewellery, truly making each piece a work of art.  
Turn heads with our spectacular collection of ladies’ jewellery showcasing a seductive elegance that is truly one-of-a-kind. Have fun completing your ensemble with these stunningly tantalising jewellery pieces.  
Give in to your deepest desires and take a look at our spectacular collection of luxuriously hand crafted sterling silver cufflinks and dog tags. We offer stunning creations for the modern man in mind and for those who aren’t afraid of being a bit daring! 
constance spoon erotic jewellery
Hand forged silver spoon 
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